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Marlin Coast Alarms has a range of different security alarms options available. Our friendly staff is here to work with you in providing the most suitable option available.

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Marlin Coast Alarms is a local Cairns family business which draws on over 23 years of experience with Cairns security offering one of the most professional security services available.

All Marlin Coast Alarms Cairns security alarms products are equipped with real time 24/7 monitoring. The benefit of this monitoring is simple when compared to Local Alarm Systems that do not have monitoring. Local audible alarms rely on a third party to hear them, and then alert the police to a breach of security at your premises.

Alarms Cairns

Cairns Security Alarms Monitoring Many Cairns businesses have intermittent security Patrols visit their premises.

This is all well and good but these patrols can't be there all the time.

The benefit of a remotely monitored alarm system from Marlin Coast Alarms Cairns is that our monitoring provides viable, 24-hour a day security. If our control room detects an alarm of any kind we will immediately dispatch our trained Cairns security personnel to investigate.

Contact one of our consultants today about how we can provide security and alarms to help you secure your Cairns home or business.


Please select one of the Cairns security and Alarms brochures below to get a brief idea on what different alarms and security systems we recommend and have to offer. As always we encourage you to contact us and talk to one of our friendly consultants about the different options available.

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